Are You Building Real Wealth?

Would you like to own your first rental property but don't know exactly where to start?   Not sure if you can afford it?   Not sure if it should be a condo, townhouse, duplex?   Not sure of how to analyze the numbers?

This is different ... Why would a financial planner help me purchase real estate?

I always felt there was something seriously lacking in the planning world when most wealth was created with real estate, yet planners hardly ever focused on this important asset class. 

I am a Certified Financial Planner and Mortgage Agent working in the Durham Region.

And I want my clients to own rental properties and real estate investments.   Cause I know that those that do need mortgages (which I offer) and have more money for life insurance, cash flow investments, RSPs etc. 

As the owner of 6 properties myself I am able to share valuable information to analyze and fund a purchase of your first rental property.   Or if you prefer not to be a landlord, I offer real estate funds that pool various properties so that you can participate in both rental income and capital appreciation.  

Like many of you, I felt like I was doing all the right things ... owning a home .. paying down a mortgage ... buying life insurance ... contributing to my rsp ... but never quite getting ahead.    I knew I had to do something different, something to ensure my financial future myself ... not relying on my employer or the government.  

I was 35 before I owned my first home.    And by 45, together with my husband we own a home, a cottage, and 4 rental properties ... even with going through 2 job losses.  And I guess what that means is I have been there and done that ... I have walked the walk.