Your mortgage needs to be much more than just about the rate.    As a Wealth Strategist and Certified Financial Planner, I use your mortgage as the cornerstone to a strong overall wealth plan.

So often I see a focus on paying down the mortgage only to run into credit card debt, at much higher rates down the road.   Or I see high mortgage payments denying clients other opportunities.  

Would a change in your mortgage help you ...

  • participate in your companies matching pension plan or stock purchase plan
  • contribution to RESPs and get government grants
  • purchase permanent insurance products that can give you a tax free income in retirement
  • create a tax deduction from the interest on your mortgage

Would taking a higher mortgage allow you to ....

  • purchase an investment giving you cash flow
  • purchase a rental property
  • reduce the overall interest rate you pay on debts

Your mortgage is probably the biggest debt you have.   And your home is probably your biggest asset.   Shouldn't it play a key role in your financial plan.   As both a mortgage agent and a certified financial planner I can make this happen.