How To Earn A Secured 8%

You've worked hard for your money.   Isn't it time your money worked hard for you?

What if you could see an 8% rate of return.    Rather than investing in a volatile stock market ... what if you invested in a secure mortgage.    A secure and predicable return backed by real estate.

Mortgage lending is a secure, steady, stock market free way to augment your wealth strategy.

Anyone interested in becoming a lender may do so, and in Ontario, mortgage lending can be done by anybody provided that the arrangement is made and overseen by a licensed mortgage broker. Mortgage lending is an appealing and enticing investment opportunity:

Monthly Income Generator: Mortgage lending can give you regular monthly income. This income will greatly depend on the amount of the mortgage, the interest rate and the amortization period. Normally, the payment comes in regularly because the borrower would be at risk of losing the home. Returns often range around 8 - 10% depending on the mortgage size, if the mortgage is a first or a second and the borrower’s credit credibility.

Secure Capital: One of the reasons why banks love the mortgage lending business is the low risk associated in this kind of investment. The fact that the capital is protected by the property in which the mortgage is registered gives the lender the sense of security in this kind of investment. If the debtor fails to pay off his monthly dues, the property may be used to pay off the mortgage. Although the risk associated with a first mortgage may be less than the risk in lending a second mortgage, the return of investment from holding a second mortgage is greater.

Easy Investment: In Ontario, anyone can be a mortgage investment lender. You don't need to be a financial institution to lend money, as long as you have a licensed mortgage broker who can help oversee and arrange the mortgage. The entire process is officiated by legal documents signed at the time of the mortgage, to ensure that both parties hold their end of the deal.

There are numerous benefits in private lending and if you feel that this is an investment opportunity I urge you to contact me for further information.