Women and Life Insurance

You are your most valuable asset. 

Think for a moment of your life, your accomplishments, your family, and any debt you may have.  Think of what would happen to all of those things should something happen to you.  Who would be responsible?  Who would take care of them?

Women are the primary earners in nearly 40% of households(1), meaning, if something did happen to you, your family would have difficulty managing.  Aside from being grief stricken, how would they deal?  Other than financially, you may also contribute by taking on responsibilities for your family members, i.e. – driving your father in law to his appointments each week, or carpooling for your son’s soccer team.  If you were to pass, who would do these things? Would your family have to pay someone else to do them?  Where would those funds come from?

Regardless of age, marital status or how many children you have (if any) life insurance is a must!    Having life insurance can protect your loved ones from becoming financially responsible for your expenses, debts and choices.  The loss of a loved one is difficult enough to handle.  By having life insurance; you are protecting your family from further pain and grief.  

Source: Women's Bureau U.S Department of Labor


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