Rent To Own Investment Strategy


Depending on which savings program you select, you can start automatically earning credits towards your down payment and ultimate purchase of this home. You can move in now and as you make your monthly house payment earn hundreds of dollars towards your down payment and purchase this home. In fact, many of our Rent to Own Buyers use the time during the Rent to Own Program to earn thousands of dollars in credits and improve credit issues (or resolve any uncertainties). You can purchase this lovely home at any point during the Rent to Own Program. There is no obligation for you to buy the home, only an option.

If you purchase the home within the second year, your price is $434,000.

If you purchase this home during your third year, your price is $439,500.

As you can see in the above chart, if you select the “No” Savings Program above, you will pay the lowest each month; however, you will not earn any monthly credits towards your purchase. If you select the “Gold” Savings Program you will be eligible to earn monthly credits towards your down payment. However, the best and fastest way for you to be able to purchase this home is through the “Super” Savings Program.


  • Rent Credits: Each month a big chunk of your rent could get credited toward the possible purchase of your home, allowing you to build equity in your home faster than with a traditional mortgage – no more wasting all of your money on rent.

  • Improving Your Property: Because you may own this property soon, any improvements you do that increase the value of the property may help you build more equity for yourself.

  • No banks – you don’t have to qualify with a lender today. You can move in without bank approval.

  • Own Your Own Home: You enjoy the benefits of owning your home before you ever buy it!

  • Flexibility: You have total flexibility: You have the option to buy your home, not the obligation!

  • Your Credit: You are creating a strong credit reference while you are renting to own!  

  • Note: If you should decide not to purchase this home during the Rent to Own Program, your earned credit will be considered rent and not refunded to you.