Organize Your Financial Life In 3 Easy Steps

If you’re like most people, you probably spend more time planning a vacation than making important financial decisions like insurance, retirement savings or understanding your mortgage options.    You probably make financial decisions one at a time, at different times, with different advisors, and under different economic circumstances.   

At KAV Wealth Strategies we believe the solution starts with a model.    Our approach uses principles and strategies to position your financial picture in a more “scientific” manner.   In our financial life, this means overcoming the “Financial Junk Drawer” and benefiting from being organized, rules-based, efficient, measurable, coordinated and optimized.

Strategically position your money.

The scientific structure is important to organize, coordinate, and monitor your financial life.    Just as important, is strategically using the model to enhance the efficient and effective use of your money.   Here’s how we organize your financial junk drawer in 3 easy steps.

 This creates a “Financial Junk Drawer.”

STEP 1:   INTERNAL DESIGN REVIEW:  This review helps to ensure that all of your financial decisions are working properly and together in order to minimize any errors and omissions you may not even be aware of.

STEP 2:  COORDINATED REVIEW: This review is intended to uncover and reallocate unused dollars to create additional money supply and superior benefits for you and your family.   This is done by identifying how certain elements integrate for more efficient and effective results.

STEP 3:   MONEY STRATEGY DESIGN:  During the money strategy design, together we seek to create new efficiencies with your existing money supply that can increase your wealth, create additional retirement income, provide a greater legacy for your heirs and charities, reduce your taxes and other costs, provide additional flexibility and control over your money, and give you peace of mind that your financial objectives may be met under a variety of conditions.

While everyone’s circumstances are different, our objectives are to provide you with strategies that give you the greatest opportunity for wealth, happiness, and success over your lifetime.

Simple.   Organized.   Powerful.