The 10 Asset and Income Maximizing Retirement Strategies You Need To Be Implementing Now

  1. Paydown versus interest only - enhance lifestyle by spending more of your wealth

  2. Reduce pressure on capital – less capital is needed to produce the same retirement lifestyle

  3. Reduce pressure on withdrawal rates – less reliance on traditional retirement savings and less worry about market fluctuations

  4. Reduce income risks – less volatile assets can be used to produce more stable income

  5. Reduce Taxes – reduce taxes through tax deferred growth of cash values in life insurance, tax  preferred loans, and tax free distribution at death

  6. Capital opportunities – have flexibility to use capital for opportunities that do not create immediate income

  7. Reduce fear – reduce fear of running out of money

  8. Inflation protection – reduce the effect of long term inflation by increasing expected retirement income

  9. Additional income – create additional income through dividends, cash value, or loans

  10. Reduce risk of tax increase impact – less income coming from taxable sources so lower impact should tax rates rise