Building Significantly Greater Long Term Wealth Projections 

Are RRSPs the best way to save for retirement?

Is there a way to tackle debt quicker?

Is real estate investing smart?

What is the best type of insurance to have?

Is there a way to pay less tax?

A comprehensive plan can help.

       Kathleen van den Berg                     Wealth Strategist         905.425.5327    Mortgage License #M1400523

I help clients create phenomenal wealth.    And I have so much fun doing it. 

I specialize in working with individuals and families to improve their monthly cash flow and build significantly greater wealth compared to their current approach. 

Unlike most other wealth strategists, I include real estate strategies as one of the 6 key components in clients' wealth building plans.

I implement a 6 step wealth strategy system with clients and regularly achieve projections in your long term wealth by 30% more than your current plan.


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